Fearless, ferocious and female.

"Crossed a black cat… seven years bad luck."


NICO MINORU by Pryce14

Nico for my Project 25: Superheroes.

Happy to see her return for Avengers Arena, and I hope she turns up in something else soon.

Which heroine do you think need costume redesign?

A question by Anonymous

Um I guess I’ve never really liked any of Rachel Summers’ costumes. With her current outfit, the bright red and yellow, the heavy jacket and the spikes… just not feeling it. She could definitely do with a redesign. Especially as she’s fighting alongside Storm and Psylocke, anybody would feel fashionably inferior next to those two (I love Psylocke’s new outfit).

I’d also love to see Polaris wear green again. I know her new outfit is part of the All-New X-Factor look but I don’t really like any of the costumes in that team. 

Other than that it would be great to see a redesign of Jessica Drew (Earth 616). I love her costume, its her signature look, but she’s been wearing it for years and it could be interesting to see her in something completely different. I mean Carol Danvers had the update of the century, now she’s running her own solo series again and owning the ‘Captain Marvel’ name. If Carol, Jennifer and Nat can have their own all-new solo series, why not Jess? There are rumours that she will be getting a series so hopefully she’ll get a new look too :)